Jody Bett

jody bett

Coaching Qualifications

  • Level 3 Road & Time Trial ( provisional )
  • Level 2 Track
  • Level 2 Road & Time Trial
  • Level 2 Core
  • WattBike qualified coach

Club Roles

  • Road Race Organiser
  • Club Go-Ride Representative

As a rider I regularly compete in local road races and have dabbled in cyclocross, track racing and time trials. I'm a father of 4 children, two of which are keen cyclist within the Velo Club. I'm currently completing my level 3 coaching certificate which enables me to coach on an individual basis and focus on specific aspects of performance.

My Coaching Philosophy

To support, aid and assist those who desire to develop and improve within cycling. Whether at competition level or social and pleasure, my aim is to ethically deliver the best an individual desires to achieve. I shall work within the remit of a British cycling level 3 coach and shall further my knowledge and understanding as time goes by. I believe that success will only come to those who make the effort, coaching is not magic it is science.

A coached cyclist needs to be physically prepared for the discipline, mentally prepared and technically ready, its my job as a coach to identify the factors lacking and to build on the strengths achieved. My style of coaching is open and relaxed yet structured, consistently analytical with regular testing to observe developments.  I'm a firm believer of thinking outside of the box and looking at things from a different angle, I shall constantly strive to develop a rider and myself. However if the rider is not prepared to make the full effort prescribed then the performance results will be reflected. I require commitment but will not prescribe any coaching that is beyond reasonable expectations or safety.

I will appreciate all feedback received both on a positive and negative level and adapt accordingly. If something isn't working we will study the reasons why. If I believe a coached rider may benefit further development from a more specific expert or experienced coach I may suggest a referral.