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Welcome to the Velo Club Lincoln

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Welcome to the Lincoln based cycling club with accredited GO RIDE junior section. VC Lincoln comprises more than 140 members involved in all aspects of recreational riding, competitive training and racing. We have a calendar of rides every week of the year ranging from relaxed sociable trips through to high intensity chain gangs for the more competitive. Some members are pretty serious whilst others are training for new challenges in the UK or overseas, or simply riding socially and safely whilst steadily improving general fitness and wellbeing. We are a friendly lot and you are sure to find a warm welcome.

Our British Cycling trained and accredited coaches run a very active junior section which combines handling competences and skills with junior races which have a proven record of developing juniors into seniors, and the youngsters just love it! We are in the high season now with light nights and great weather, the Grand Tours are on TV, The National Cycling Championships have been held in Lincoln for the first time and cycling in the city is at a high water mark ! We hold a track session every Wednesday in the summer which is a great opportunity to show up and take a look at us (from 6:45pm), the kids and seniors will be racing round our dedicated 1 mile race track. You’ve read this far, so why not make a diary note and come down to Yarborough Sports Centre (LN1 3SP) this Wednesday – as I said, we are a friendly lot who just love riding our bikes.

Why join us ? For all sports and activities, there is a huge amount of information on the internet and a comprehensive choice of magazines, but at Velo, our members are able to offer first class advice and encouragement based upon decades of riding experience. Tell us your objectives and you’ll find that there will be a handful of people who can immediately guide you or your child and, they’ll support you on your journey.

To distil it all down, we all love riding our bikes and welcome you to come along and take your riding to a new level within a socially proactive environment.

Results - Round 1 Gav Daley Criterium Series 2023


Youth Event

1 Oliver Turnbull Velo Club Lincoln
2 Arthur Morley Velo Club Lincoln
3 Theo Brewin Velo Club Lincoln
4 Elysian Rose Velo Club Lincoln
5 Toby Carpenter Velo Club Lincoln
6 Freya Vaughan Velo Club Lincoln
7 Charlie Taylor Velo Club Lincoln
8 Alex Wells Velo Club Lincoln
9 Dylan Morris Velo Club Lincoln


Senior Event

1 Oliver Sawyer Giant Lincoln
2 Felix Earth Ribble Rechrg Race Team
3 Jake Jackson Rose Race Team
4 Carl Stubbs Open collective
5 Tobias Bartlett Doddington Cycling Club
6 Ryan Hornsby Open Collective
7 Ben Lambert Lincoln Cycling Club
8 David Earth Rose Race Team
9 Thomas Williams Lincoln Wheelers
10 Scott swinburn Lincoln cycling club
11 George Thompson Rose Race Team
12 Jack Levick Rose race Team
13 Philip Bennett Lincoln Cycling Club
14 Angus Sinclair Open Collective
15 George hackney Lincoln cycling club
16 Josh Asquith N/a
17 Ben Green No club
18 Harry ginniff Lincoln Cycling Club
19 Richard Wendt Lincoln Cycling Club
20 Oliver Swinburn Velo club Lincoln



Position Club   Points
1 Open Collective   30
2 Rose Race Team   26
2 Lincoln Cycling Club   26
4 Velo Club Lincoln   24
8 Doddington Cycling Club   22
5 Lincoln Wheelers   14
10 Ribble Recharge Race Team   12
6 Ellmore Factory Racing   3
9 COBL   3
7 Sleaford Wheelers   0
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Velo Club Lincoln’s Georgette Rand: two-time 2023 Junior European track champion in the 200m and team sprint. European Bronze medalist in the individual sprint. British Track Championships, Gold in the team sprint 2024.

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